What are the steps to create a website?

The creation of a website has become, with the rise of technology and digital technology, a real boon for improving one’s e-reputation. It is a means widely used by companies and even individuals developing a commercial activity to make their products or services known on other skies. However, creating a website is an operation that takes place in several stages, the basics of which you will discover in this article.

Registering a domain name: more than 800 extensions available

There are a certain number of steps involved in creating website and hosting it. Indeed, if it is important to have a website as part of one’s professional activities, its hosting is a key step in the sense that it plays an essential role in the visibility of the latter. Speaking of the creation of the site, the first step to respect to perfect the operation and benefit from a well referenced website is to choose a domain name.

The latter is of interest to enhance your activity vis-à-vis Internet users and potential customers in particular. This being the case, it is advisable to choose a name that is unique and corresponds to your brand, environment and clientele, since it represents your online identity. It is also important to choose a domain name extension for your website. The latter comes in three different types, including generic extensions.

Very well known in the world, they have the advantage of reassuring Internet users, and can be recognised by the indications .com and .org. The second type relates to geographical extensions, which are intended to target visitors in a given region. These include .uk, .fr and .it. Finally, there are customised names that are distinguished by .blog and .shop.

Choose a web hosting plan that matches the traffic you expect from your website

From programming codes to databases, images, scripts… there are many elements that go into making a website. Once created, it must be accessible to the general public; hence the importance of web hosting to optimise the visibility of your site on search engines.

Web hosting consists of housing the website on a server whose role will be to make the website files available to visitors. Several options are available to you, namely the cloud and physical space. The best option for hosting your web platform is the cloud since, in addition to making the website accessible, it is a cheaper service.

Moreover, a good web hosting plan is a solution that guarantees the visibility of your website in the first pages of the google search results; this, in a sustainable way and without advertising. Web agencies offer several solutions depending on the storage capacity of the site, the expected traffic and the number of websites to be deployed.

Other steps to create an efficient and optimised website are choosing and installing a CMS (content management system) module on the one hand, and configuring the website and adding options to improve its performance on the other. It should be noted that you need to protect your site to protect your data.