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PC To Phone (PC-Phone) VoIP Directory (Page 5)
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Callserve Windows
Start making cheaper calls now! Talk longer for less with Callserve - Australia 5c/min,

Net2phone Windows
Great low rates, send faxes from your PC, free PC to PC calls & great sound quality - Calls to the United States from 2c/min, International rates from 3c/min

Mywebcalls Windows
Low cost calls from anywhere to anywhere. China2.2 c/min, Malaysia 5.3c/min, Germany 2.2c/min

Snaptel Windows
Call from your computer to any phone in over 200 countries and save up to 90% with PC to Phone calls. Website in English and in Spanish

Callonthenet Windows
USA and Canada 1c/min, UK 2c/min, Hong Kong 3c/min. Download today and get a 20 minute free trial

123bell Windows
Value for money, low rates, great savings, Call from any PC in the world, wide coverage of countries

Easywaycall Windows
Exceptional PC to Phone voice quality, per second billing, no expiration, no connection charges, no minimums.

PC-Telephone Windows
Make phone and fax calls over Internet, LAN or ISDN. No connection or monthly fees, no expiration time. Easily track calls and account balance

Firefly Windows
Free personal voicemail, no unanswered call fees, calls are charged per second. Free PC to PC calls

Terracall Mac Windows
Great Quality. Low Rates. Worldwide flexibility. Internet Security. India from 6c/min, Pakistan from 15c/min, Bangladesh from 4c/min


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