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PC To Phone (PC-Phone) VoIP Directory (Page 4)
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Like a FREE New York area Telephone number with no strings attached? more...

Babble Windows
Free download, free voicemail, free for Babble members to call fixed line numbers in the UK, USA Mainland, Australia, New Zealand and Europe

Woize Windows
Global call rates begin at 2.2 Euro cents/min. Prepaid accounts available in Euro, US Dollars, Pound Sterling and Swedish Kronor. Inbound calls available with your own real (portable) telephone number

Ubifone Windows
Free PC to PC calling. International rates start from 1.9 c/min. Works through most firewalls and NAT (Network Address Translation) devices

Callblue Windows
Save up to 70% on International calls. The lowest rates and best quality. UK 5c/min, USA 6c/min, Australia, 3c/min

3WTel Windows
Free 'In-network' calling (i.e., PC to PC), 3 way conferencing available, rates to the USA start at 3.9 c/min. Excellent audio quality

Hotfoon Windows
India Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Canada and the USA - all 10c/min. Opportunities for prospective gateway operators

PCCall Mac Windows
No connection fees, no setup fees, no monthly fees. Rates start as low as 3.9 cents to the United States and United Kingdom. Start saving up to 98% on your long distance!

VoipBuster Windows
Make your VoIP calls even cheaper. FREE calls to landline phones in Austria, Ireland, Switzerland and the Netherlands. USA 1.1 Euro cents per minute, Australia 1.1 Euro cents per minute

Dialpad Windows
Dialpad Communications, Inc. .... Use Dialpad PC-to-phone services from any PC or from popular broadband phone devices, phone-to-phone, reseller program

Nettelephone Windows
Canada 3.5 cents/min, China 4.9 cents/min, Sweden 3 cents/min, Long Distance for Less!

What happened to the Free PC to Phone Service Providers?

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